Car insurance in the Netherlands

When you're looking for car insurance in the Netherlands, you're in the right place. At Netpolis we compare the majority of car insurances available in the country. Comparing insurance for your car is easy, as you just need the license plate and a few extra personal details to get a list of premiums available.

Weather you want a better deal from your current provider, of you're looking just for a new insurance company after moving to Holland, with just a few clicks we offer you the most competitive proposals available. With our price comparison tool you'll always find the best offers and save up to 50% on auto insurance premiums!

What you need to know about Dutch car insurance

Car insurance the NetherlandsWhen you own a car in Holland, it’s mandatory to have a car insurance with at least a basic liability protection. Also if you don't use the car for a longer period and it's still registered at the RDW institute (Rijksdienst voor het Wegverkeer).

The minimum requirements to getting an auto insurance in The Netherlands:

  • You have to be a Dutch resident;
  • Your car has a Dutch license plate;
  • You must have a European Union (EU) drivers license.

Insurance policies cover the car rather than the driver. For driver accidents there are complimentary covers that can be purchased together with the main car policy. Consequently, anyone with a valid European driving license can legally drive the car. But notice that the main insurer and owner of the car always remains legally responsible for any damages.

The minimal mandatory cover is called is a third-party liability insurance (Wettelijke Aansprakelijkheid). This insures you against any damages or injury to others caused by your vehicle.

What does it cost to insure my car?

The costs to insure your car depends on a number of factors as the age of the driver and place of residence. This are the most common factors:

  • Age of the driver;
  • The place of residence (based on postal code);
  • The weight and price of the vehicle;
  • Your insurance history based on claim-free years.

For the exact costs it's advisable to make a calculation with our comparison tool below, where all of the above factors are taken into account.

Coverages of Dutch car insurances

The coverage that's best for your situation depends on your car and the damages that you want to cover. Mainly there are three different coverages, that are all available at Netpolis.

Third-party liability (WA)

It's mandatory to insure your car with at least a third-party liability coverage. This covers damages to other people and their property.

Third-party liability +limited cover (WA Beperkt Casco)

This insurance covers the same damages as the WA-coverage but also some damages, like car theft, storm damage and broken glass, that are caused outside your liability.

Third-party liability +comprehensive cover (WA Volledig Casco)

This is the most comprehensive cover where you are, besides the coverages above, also covered for almost all damages to your own car. This coverage is mostly used for new or fairly new cars.

With the two extended coverages, you can also choose your excess or deductible. This is the amount you need to pay yourself with any claim that you make to the insurance. Most insurance companies offer you a specific amount for excess, buy in most cases you can adapt this amount to lower your premium.

How to switch from my current car insurer

To switch to another car insures is fairly easy. Almost every car insurance policy can be cancelled monthly, so when you find a better deal or a policy with better conditions, you can apply for a new policy with Netpolis and give us that date that your current policy stops. Only take care that you don’t cancel your current insurance until your application for a new one is accepted by the new insurer.

Switching can save you up to hundreds of euros per year!

How to contact Netpolis

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